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TaiGen identified major categories of stakeholders, including Employees, Shareholders / Investors, Government Agencies, Customers / Distributors, Suppliers and Medias.
TaiGen established communication channels and assigned responsible person to serve the stakeholders with different needs. We hope to establish public, transparent and efficient communications among stakeholders, understand the needs of stakeholders, give the appropriate responses and maintain stakeholders equity.

List of stakeholders. Stakeholder Engagement Information
Stakeholders Communicating Channels Key Concerns
Shareholders / Investors Annual general shareholders meeting
Annual report、Financial Statements
Investor conferences
IR E-mail servicebr/> Spokesperson system
Financial information
Operation status
Development and Research progresses
Employee Internal website
Employee meeting
Phone / E-mail
Compensation and benefits
Occupational health and safety
industrial and Labor relations
Employee centripetal force
Talent development
Guarantee of standard labor law
Government Agencies Food and Drug Administration
Financial Supervisory Commission
Taipei Exchange
Official document、Compliance seminar
Standards for clinical trial
Information Disclosures
Environmental protections and Pollution preventions
industrial and Labor relations
Employee benefits
Customers / Distributors Phone / E-mail
On-site visits
Regular / Irregular meetings
Product quality and safety
Drug sales status
Suppliers Phone / E-mail
Supplier visits
On-Site inspections
cGMP Standard Product quality and safety
Environmental protections and Pollution preventions
Medias Press conference
Press releases
Company website
Media Contact Person
Development and Research progresses
Business developments and out-licensing
Financial status
Sustainable development plan