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TaiGen's Taigexyn Received Reimbursement Price from Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec 7, 2017 – TaiGen Biotechnology Company, Limited ("TaiGen") announced today that it has been officially notified by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration (NHI) of the reimbursement price for Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin) 250 mg capsules. Each 250 mg Taigexyn® capsule will be reimbursed at NT $180 (~USD$ 5.99) , effective from January 1st , 2018.

About Taiwan’s National Health Insurance
The NHI program under the Ministry of Health and Welfare was launched in 1995 to provide universal and quality healthcare to the people at affordable costs. Reimbursement of prescription drug cost is part of the benefit of the NHI program. Nnearly 16,000 items of prescription drugs are reimbursed.

About Taigexyn®
Taigexyn® is a novel broad spectrum antibiotic with excellent efficacy against drug-resistant bacteria.  It is available in both oral and intravenous formulations. The oral formulation is approved and launched in Taiwan and mainland China. The NDA for the intravenous formulation of Taigexyn® has already been filed in with China FDA in May 2017. Taigexyn® is partnered in Russia, Commonwealth Independent States, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil and the Latin American territory for a total of 32 countries worldwide.