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TaiGen’s Taigexyn (Nemonoxacin) on Sale in Mainland China

TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 23, 2016 – TaiGen Biotechnology Company, Limited ("TaiGen") announced that Taigexyn® (nemonoxacin) is available for sale in mainland China by its partner, Zhejiang Medicine Co., starting today. The sale of Taigexyn® in mainland China is expected to bring in royalty income and contribute to TaiGen’s revenue stream.

Taigexyn® is a novel non-fluorinated quinolone and broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections. It is the first Class 1.1 new drug developed by a Taiwanese company to receive market approval in mainland China..

Zhejiang Medicine Co. is a public listed company in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Ticker 6000216), and a leader in antibiotics in mainland China. Its Lai Li Xin (branded levofloxacin) is one of the top five selling quinolones in mainland China.

Dr. Ming-Chu Hsu, Chairman and CEO of TaiGen said, "Mainland China is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. Together with Zhejiang Medicine Co., TaiGen is bringing novel treatment for bacterial infections to this large market. Furthermore, we have successfully demonstrated a model where a biotech company in Taiwan can develop and commercialize a pharmaceutical product for the mainland China market.”

In addition to the Zhejiang Medicine partnership in China, Taigexyn® was out -licensed to R-Pharm for the Russian Federation, Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States; to Productos Científicos for Latin America; and partnered with Holding Distribution for distribution in Taiwan. Altogether, Taigexyn® is partnered in 32 countries worldwide.

TaiGen Contact:
Peter W. Tsao, PhD, Vice President Corporate Development
Tel: +886-2-8177-7020